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YPS Opens for Pato Banton @ Reggae Fest LBCC!

The Young Poet Society gathered last weekend for Long Beach City College Reggae Fest. It was a sun-breezy day of family, friends and great music. The booth next to the flag pole belonged to Y.P.S. , a group of young creative scholars who host a bi-monthly open mic night at the college. Their motto is, "Find your voice. Why be silent?" On the table lay Urban Voodoo's C.D. , colorful encouragement coins, beautiful hand painted cards, wooden stash boxes and righteous t-shirts all created by their very own members. Y.P.S performed later in the day, warming it up for main artist of the evening, Pantu Banton. It was a day to remember! Contact me if you would like more info on Y.P.S and /or these unique products.

Oct. 29th - 6-9PNov. 5th -6-9P Nov.19th -6-9PDec. 3rd -6-9P Dec. 17h-6-9P


The Rhythm Natives is hip hop, with a fusion of reggae, alternative and jazz. I was fortunate to see them play and they definitely know how to rock the crowd. It is a rare occasion and wonderful treat to watch a polished, live hip hop band perform. Their music holds a reminiscence of the golden age era when hip hop was characterized by influence, innovation, quality and diversity. It takes me back to the time when there was more emphasis on experimentation of instruments over rhymes. What makes them unique is that they are a group of friends that grew up together before they decided to start a band. Some of the members have known each other since they were 6 years old! This just proves, Rhythm Natives is as authentic as it comes.Their album drops October 19Th and will definitely keep the party jumping. Support L.A. artists and buy their CD. Mos def, go check them out when they come to your city. The Rhythm Natives is one of those amazing bands that truly captures …