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The Creative Bridge Towards Innovative Technology

Today, there are people who sit around and discuss solutions and there are people who are the solution. Meet Rashida White, a young professional who is intelligent, savvy and enthusiastic about the future of technology. In the digital world, she is a junior instructor and creative leader who is constantly designing new experiences. Rashida also spends a significant amount of time mentoring underserved young adults through music and self expression. Our reality is based on what we have been exposed to. The more tools we have to look at reality, the more ways to lead to understanding. Interactions and real life experience is constructive towards awareness and cultural sensitivity. Rashida's charisma and dedication to the arts and technology is truly inspiring and most importantly defines her passion for community empowerment. She has a simple yet profound view of how technology will continue to advance successfully. Innovative technology in 2014 is about rolling up your sleeves and …

"The Urban Soul Farmer"

Urban Soul Farmer is my Pseudonym for the health conscious farmer in me. I was raised in the city but my parents were raised in the "country" where growing food was a lifestyle. I use the knowledge of my ancestors and mix it with a city version for smaller spaces. On this site I share the constant transformation of my urban garden in Los Angeles.  I also post pics of other gardeners that inspire me to experiment with growing edibles. I love to make smoothies and enjoy finding recipes to share. I would like to host urban garden workshops in my backyard in the near future.  Most importantly, I am an advocate for better health for people of color. The Urban Soul Farmer upholds a lifestyle and works as a vessel towards better health and sustainable living. 
Join me!!  - Zoe Blaq the Urban Soul Farmer