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Blkgrrrl Book Fair opening ceremony

Positive Vibes Only! 

Blk Grrrl Book Fair Review 2015

Blkgrrrl Planning Crew 

The 1st annual BlkGrrrl Book Fair was insane!! It is one of the best new things to hit Los Angeles and I'm not just saying that because I curated the Julie Dash film festival section. This is what happens when you put Black women together that have vision, drive and determination.  LA weekly picked the book fair as one of the top places to be that weekend and I won't be surprised if it remains at the top for many years to come. The BlkGrrrl book fair set a tone and a reference for Women's month in Los Angeles. There was definitely something for everyone with a wide variety of literature for children and adults. Art exhibits, open poetry, panels, workshops, food, and vendors kept the stimulation going all day. 
Every chair was filled and people stood in the back of the room to watch the Julie Dash film festival. I will always remember the belly laughs when watching the comedy LA'Temperamental and the sniffles around the room while women were d…

"Personal Reflections" an art exhibit curated by Zoe Blaq