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How to Live With Purpose

With moving to a small city,  I have come to realize how dangerous it can be if we don't extend our boundaries of knowledge and education. With a limited perception of the world we only hurt ourselves and others. Now is the time to start thinking of unity on a more global scale. However, we can not push forward if we have pockets of communities subconsciously handcuffed to a box that is very much outdated and unjust. Hiding behind comfort zones and taboo topics is a sign of the past. A lot of times we think we have it all figured out with an expensive degree or within the confines of religion alone. We are slaves to an economic crisis and we don't even know it. People are being easily led based on their own perception of reality. And everyone has a different perception of reality based on our backgrounds. Our commonality must come from tolerance, empathy and compassion.  I have concluded that people often use these three words in the form of manipulation to justify their own s…