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I'm in the Rain Forest

Donation Perks: $5000- Executive Producer  $1000- Special thanks in credits / DVD copy / Los Angeles VIP Party $500- Signed Photography book/ Los Angeles VIP party $100 -  2 tickets to premiere / Los Angeles VIP Party  $25- Los Angeles VIP Party 
Greetings! I am a Los Angeles writer and cultural documenter of the healing arts. In a quest to understand my family history in Louisiana and Oklahoma, I became fascinated with the richness of creole and indigenous culture and traditions. As a world traveler I have decided to explore a narrative of quieting, listening and healing through an adventurous trip along the Caribbean Sea to study and experience creole and indigenous culture in Central America. Archiving gives us a point of reference and I feel it is important to tell the stories of our people through film and photography. 
I am in Costa Rica at this time and would love for you to join my journey by supporting this project I desire to share with the world.  With your help I will be able t…