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How To Be Content

The term spiritual or religious is subjective and objective based on your upbringing. We can never assume or judge people on how much they know or don't know. Peace is the freedom to let others experience their own reality. The illusion that we have internalized is separation, judgement, fear, competition and hierarchy.We have to stop clinging to false identity and belief systems. On my journey I have realized one of the most profound things we can do for another human being is give eye contact and a smile. A human connection is what will make a difference through longevity.

Life is a constant balancing act and it is important that we embrace the darkest corners of our mind. This is where survival, awareness and alertness meet us. We must be accountable of how we live our lives. Do you ever get sad because you constantly have this unsettling, discontent feeling? It reminds me of that commercial with the childrens control group.. "We want more, we want more!" I wonder i…