Friday, April 17, 2015

I'm Performing at the Craft & Folk Art Museum

The CAFAM Shop is thrilled to introduce a new zine/small press section, curated by L.A. Zine Fest and The Pop-Hop. We're celebrating the launch of the new collaboration Saturday, April 18th, and you're invited. Work from The Blk Grrrl Show, John Pham, Yumi Sakugawa :: Comic Book Artist + Illustrator, Tiny Splendor, and Selfish.

I'll be there representing with the #blkgrrrl show  and reciting a few of my poems from my chapbook "Rage Love Complexity."  I'm also exhibiting chapbooks and zines! 

See you there,
Zoe Blaq

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Blkgrrrl Book Fair opening ceremony

Blk Grrrl Book Fair Review 2015

                        Blkgrrrl planning crew 

The 1st annual BlkGrrrl Book Fair was insane!! It is one of the best new things to hit Los Angeles and I'm not just saying that because I curated the Julie Dash film festival section. This is what happens when you put Black women together that have vision, drive and determination.  LA weekly picked it as one of the top places to be that weekend and I won't be surprised if it remains at the top for many years to come. The BlkGrrrl book fair set a tone and a reference for Women's month in Los Angeles. There was definitely something for everyone with a wide variety of literature for children and adults. Art exhibits, open poetry, panels, workshops, food, and vendors kept the stimulation going all day. 
Every chair was filled while people stood in the back of the room to watch the Julie Dash film festival. I will always remember the belly laughs of the comedy and the sniffles around the room while deeply engaged in Beyond Suicide In "Tristesse."  Piddle Productions pop up zine library was also posted up in the lounge area. 
Use #BlkGrrrl and #BGBF2015 to find several photos floating around and feel free to add yours if you were there. I am still trying to process the greatness of this complexity. Being Black is political. Being a woman is political. Being a BlkGrrrl and reading a book is political. It was a joyous occasion not only because it was a success but because people were relieved to finally have a safe space that related to their experience. The book fair was a direct image of what it looks like to uplift and empower Black girls and women.  I witnessed powerful programming in a safe space for book lovers. It can only get better from here!
I'd like to thank all the people who came out to support an event that at times was misunderstood and underestimated but in the end proved to be fun, full of substance and passion.  I would like to thank Teka Lark Fleming / founder BlkGrrrl Book fair for pulling me into this project, Skira Martinez / Owner Cielo Galleries, Thomeekha Pitre Escott El / Workshop,  and Reese Charleswell / Workshop for such a dynamic and memorable experience. 

 The future looks bright, see you next year ! 

Zoe Blaq / Film Curator BlkGrrrl Book Fair 2015

Monday, February 23, 2015

Blk Grrrl Book Fair Schedule for March 7th

                     #BLKGRRRL BOOK FAIR PROGRAM

Vegetarian and Vegan Food will be provided at fair cost throughout the day by RAC!

The event will be filmed for posterity.

10:00 a.m. Blessing of the space
10:15B a.m. Miriam Mathews Negro History Week’s Reading
curated by Lena Cole Dennis
Children poets and open for people under 16 (kids can read and share during any of the opens, but this segment is specifically for kids.)

Audre Lorde's Sister Outsider Opens at  10:45 p.m. (girls under 16 only), 11:45 a.m. (all ages and genders), 12:45 a.m. (all ages and genders, 1:45 p.m. (all ages and genders) and 2:45 p.m. (all ages and genders) and 7:30 p.m./immediately following the reading (all ages and genders) Manifestoes, poems, songs, non-commercial messages, essays as long at  it is under three minutes.
Ms Brooks Real Cool School Workshops
11:00 a.m. LA Queer Resistance will be giving their Transfeminst Revolt lecture and workshop focusing on issues that transfeminine folx face such as tranmisogyny, femmephobia and walking while trans, also includes clips of and stories about ways transfeminine individuals have revolted against of these and other forms of oppression.
12:00 p.m. Tomeekha Pitre-Escott El will be giving technical instructions how to make a book including printing, formatting and photos.
1:00 p.m. Reese Charleswell will be giving a workshop on how to work together  with others on anthology collaboration.

Julie Dash Film Festival 
curated by Zoe Blaq
2:00 p.m.- 4:15 p.m.
Beyond Suicide In "Tristesse", Patsy shares her past year of grappling with intense
clinical depression. This is a compelling portrayal of depression and
recovery. (36:03)
L.A. Temperamental A comedy by Lisa Holly. One person's day-to-day survival in the crazy world that is Los Angeles. (15:00)
Black Cotton Is the making of a photography art book that celebrates the beauty of
African American Women, the Afro hair style and the diversity of  African
Decent individuals.  We do this through fashion, hair, makeup, digital
media and Photography by Tomeekha Escott EL (31:00)
4:20 p.m. Evening literary starts. Raffle for books, lectures, workshops and more
Ida B Well’s Diary
Intro reading by Nikia Billingslea
Watts Village Theatre
Lynn Manning
On the Ground Floor
Malika Ali
Mount St Mary's Creative Writing Department
Xochitl-Julisa Bermejo

5:00 p.m.
Jessie Redmon Fauset Parlor Conversation and Reading
curated by Teka-Lark Fleming
Natashia Deon
Lisa Teasley
Donna Murch

6:00 p.m.
Womynstories as told by the daughters of Wanda Coleman
Gia Scott-Heron
Iris Del Anda
Ellisa Granger
Yasmin Monet Watkins
Liliflor Art
3 Generaciones
Adrys Alvarez

Public transit
Metro 40 (24 hour) which runs all day exit at Broadway and 30th  .55 mile / Broadway and Jefferson .45 walk or bike ride
Metro 745 Broadway and Jefferson .45 walk or bike ride
Metro Silver Line (24 hour)
 110 FRWY/37TH ST USC STATION .97 walk or bike ride
Expo Line
JEFFERSON USC STATION a .78 mile walk or bike ride
Blue LINE  
SAN PEDRO STATION a 1.25 mile walk or bike ride

Driving directions:
Location 3201 Maple Avenue, South Central, 90011, south of the 10 and east of the 110 freeway in the neighborhood that was called the Eastside.

Major cross streets are Jefferson and Maple, immediate cross streets are Maple and 32st. If you’re south of the 10 and east of the 110 go northwest on Jefferson. If you’re south of the 10 and west of the 110 go east on Jefferson.

Free and ample street parking on 32nd and Maple, parking on Jefferson is a bit of a walk.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Personal Reflections an Art show

I have the pleasure of curating an art show called "Personal Reflections" Honoring Black Women in Art in Highland Park for Black History month. 

I am also exhibiting a mixed media piece called "Forest Angel."

The intention is to honor the multi faceted talents that we are born with as natural creators and healers. The intent is to honor our ancestors, ourselves and  future artists to come. 
I want us to remember our powerful raw energy that we carry around with us. When we are open to expressing ourselves freely without limitations, love is our guide. The exhibit will express the constant unfoldment of new experiences that lead to creativity. It's about the beginning of an idea. It's about that tingly feeling that gives you energy, movement, life. 
The exhibit will  be up February 21st through March 2nd.