Monday, October 13, 2014

Let Fear Guide You Towards Courage

We are the change the world needs. You've got all the right weaponry. Practice balance of body, mind and spirit.
Eat better.  Exercise daily. Be one with nature. Connect with your ancestors. Being free is your birthright.  

Friday, September 19, 2014

My Currency is Abundance

I would like to thank everyone who has supported my chapbook Rage Love Complexity. I am truly blessed with the continuos sales. The purpose of my writing reflects how to ride life's thrashing waves of emotion. The darkness in the world comes from unresolved situations in our psyche. Guilt and shame is secrecy, silence and lies. Shame cannot survive empathy. 
My purpose is to empower myself so I can help others reach their highest potential. I am touched when I perform my poetry and after the performance people are deeply moved. We may not all come from the same experiences but we can relate to pain and suffering which is a human condition. 
Share your story with people who have the right to hear it. Those who are ready to heal will hear it. My abundance comes from helping others live a prosperous life while gracefully facing adversity. 

Stay Love,
Zoe Blaq 

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Evolution Revolution

Painting by Zoe Blaq 2014
Evolution doesn't mean we came from monkeys. We have similar DNA but actually only share 95% with apes. 

Evolution means working with nature so nature can give us health and abundance. Be revolutionary. Take your health back. Stop supporting companies that do not have your best interest. Evolution is a miraculous shift in consciousness. Start here: URBAN SOUL FARMER . Evolution is transformation that takes place in every person, place or thing. Nothing in life is permanent. Find purpose through understanding. From infant to old age the brain is constantly evolving with information. You are not your generational pathology. We are In a constant state of cultivating our body mind and spirit. Certain activity and nutrition can form good or bad consequences of your evolution. The cycle of life is a beautiful blooming flower with a universal pattern. First it must come undone, cracked open like a seed. The universe is always in a cycle of life, death and rebirth. Everyone has a role and position like the Eco system. We are here to work together like symbiosis. There is no deed too big or too small. Learn to give and receive. Giving a smile to a stranger can change the entire dynamics of a hostile environment. We can find just as much spiritual transformation from a sunset as a holy book. The universe is infinite and will continue to evolve with the changing times. It is necessary. Being grounded is understanding the root of all things. Follow your heart because your destination has always been there. 

Monday, August 18, 2014

Zoe Blaq; Feature Poet at Art Opening

Zoe Blaq with Featured artist Rose Portillo, Rock Rose  Gallery owner RosaMaria Marquez and jazz musician Tracy Caldwell. 

Live video here:

Thursday, August 7, 2014

The Power of Distortion

I often sit back and read the posts on my social sites to see what hot topic people are talking about next. It's interesting to hear different concepts and opinions on the same topic from people all over the map. Some comments are very ignorant and some very wise. Both useful. 

I try to post things that excite me and topics I feel need more dialogue. It doesn't necessary mean I am for it or against it. Nonetheless, by all means I will always stand for love and the unification of humanity. There is enough darkness in the world that separates us by fear. It is toxic to feed into doubt and the insecurities of others. 
The more tools we have to look at reality the more ways to lead to understanding. 
We only see reality based on what we have been exposed to. We only see a fraction of the reality in front of us. Sometimes our shared reality is the biggest delusion of all. When we stay in our safe bubble we limit ourselves in knowledge and wisdom. 
Your reality has been created in your own mind. Our illusions are more real than the physical world. Question your values and what sacrifices you make in your daily life just to fit in. Don't get caught up! 

Be positive, smile at a stranger and keep hope alive- 

Zoe Blaq 

Monday, July 21, 2014

The Creative Bridge Towards Innovative Technology


 Today, there are people who sit around and discuss solutions and there are people who are the solution. Meet Rashida White, a young professional who is intelligent, savvy and enthusiastic about the future of technology. In the digital world, she is a junior instructor and creative leader who is constantly designing new experiences. Rashida also spends a significant amount of time mentoring underserved young adults through music and self expression. Our reality is based on what we have been exposed to. The more tools we have to look at reality, the more ways to lead to understanding. Interactions and real life experience is constructive towards awareness and cultural sensitivity.
Rashida's charisma and dedication to the arts and technology is truly inspiring and most importantly defines her passion for community empowerment. She has a simple yet profound view of how technology will continue to advance successfully. Innovative technology in 2014 is about rolling up your sleeves and finding not just new ideas but ones that are effective in the real world. I believe human connection is the key to cutting edge resources in #technology. Find out how Rashida White ended up making history at the White House. 

 Give me a little about your background.  
 I am a User Experience Designer, Teaching Artist and a musician. I am passionate about bridging the digital divide and empowerment through creative expression. Designing experiences that model behaviors that exist throughout everyday interactions, both digitally and in the "real world".  In the day, I work for General Assembly as a Junior Instructor for their User Experience Design Immersive program. The rest of my time is spent mentoring low income and underserved young adults (18-26 years old) for Koplin and Propati Partners, providing design and technology education and training to underserved communities through captivating our youth and inspiring progress. I also work as a teaching artist for Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls (WMRC) and Brooklyn Arts Council, teaching music and empowering our youth through creative expression. With that being said, it is important for me as an educator to lead by example and empower individuals with a supportive community to help achieve their dreams. Thus, I am passionate about creativity, education, equality, equal opportunity and cultural sensitivity.

How did you get involved with Out in Tech and why? 
I got involved with Out in Tech researching different technology networking events here in NYC. I thought it would be beneficial for me to network and get to know people out in tech, and be able to have my own community in the tech world.  

I've heard some people say why is the lgbt community drawing attention to themselves? Why do they need their own space in the tech world? How do you approach this?
I think for anyone, regardless or what career you are in or lifestyle you lead, need connections and emotional attachments in external sources. I feel it is important to build a perception of yourself from your world view. In other words, building communities and people who are empathetic to you and your needs makes life easier because you exist in a network.

Why are organizations like Out in Tech important? 
Organizations like OIT are important because it brings visibility to our community within the tech world. With visibility comes representation and opportunities to network with others. These types of organizations have made it possible to tackle some of the issues within our community and solve it with technology.

Congrats on being one of the few selected to go to the White House. Tell me about your invite and what  you where able to accomplish at the first lgbt innovation summit.  
Out in tech sent out an email blast to past Out In Tech (OIT) attendees with an opportunity to be a part of an inaugural LGBT Innovation Summit sponsored by the White House Office of Public Engagement and the Office of Science and Technology Policy. Because of limited spaces, they asked those who were interested to apply. I decided to apply because there are things I am passionate about and would like to meet like minds to partner with and build solutions for not only the LGBT community, but for everyone. OIT had over 200 applicants and they blindly selected 15. I was one of the 15 selected to represent OIC at the White House. What we were able to accomplish was bringing awareness to issues in specific communities within the LGBT community. We were then able to utilize one another as resources to see if we could tackle these issues with technology. Many connections were made that day and I’m excited to see what tech solutions are going to come out of it.

In your perspective as a member of this organization, a woman and person of color, what type of universal wisdom will keep technology innovative? 

Are these meetings open to allies?
Of course! Allies are always welcome and the White House LGBT Innovation Tech Summit had a strong representation of LGBT allies. How someone chooses to identify is none of my business, I am more concerned with what you have to offer, what I can give to you and how we can learn from each other. 

What have you gained from your experience? 
I realized how important it is to represent who you are and offer your services to folks, as you never know who is in need of your skills.

Do you prefer being called geek or nerd? Why? 
I really don’t have a preference, but if I had to choose one, it would be ‘geek’. I think they both have been reclaimed over the years and have become more of a compliment instead of a put down. 

How can we find out about meetings and workshops? 
Check out Eventbrite and

Thursday, July 10, 2014

"The Urban Soul Farmer"

Urban Soul Farmer is my Pseudonym for the health conscious farmer in me. I was raised in the city but my parents were raised in the "country" where growing food was a lifestyle. I use the knowledge of my ancestors and mix it with a city version for smaller spaces. On this site I share the constant transformation of my urban garden in Los Angeles.  I also post pics of other gardeners that inspire me to experiment with growing edibles. I love to make smoothies and enjoy finding recipes to share. I would like to host urban garden workshops in my backyard in the near future.  Most importantly, I am an advocate for better health for people of color. The Urban Soul Farmer upholds a lifestyle and works as a vessel towards better health and sustainable living. 

Join me!! 
- Zoe Blaq the Urban Soul Farmer

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