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This was an inspiring weekend for every type of writer who needs a little push. I had fun sharing my poetry with a talented group of Los Angeles poets at the annual LitFest Pasadena. 


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Spring Vigilance

Greetings loved ones,

This picture reminds me of how connected we are with nature. The tree an extension of myself,  helping me stay balanced and grounded. 

I'd like to share what I've been practicing in order to transform into my better self. Perhaps you will find something helpful that will further your inner journey as well. 

Practice compassion for those who have separated themselves consciously. Start by forgiving yourself for not being perfect. Love individuals that are difficult to love. Not just particular people, do it without circumstance or demand. Remain vigilant and conscious. Stay present. Be impervious to negativity. Take accountability. Do your inner work. When you know yourself, you trust yourself. The more trust the more self love and self acceptance. Stay connected with nature. I enjoy going to the beach or sitting under a blanket of trees in my garden. Listen to the rhythm of nature. Nature moves with purpose. A vision pulls you forward. Don't miss y…