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Show Up For Your Real Life

Greetings Loved Ones!! 
The year is almost coming to a close. It's been a year of self reflection and a test of true sacrifice. When we leave ourselves open to possibilities there is no telling what will meet us half way. Energy will shift and new creation is born. I have always surrounded myself with humble and gracious individuals that give me the motivation to reach further. However, It felt amazing to unplug from the big city and tune into self in a small country setting. We can not be our best if we do not "check in" with ourselves from time to time.  I enjoy performing, producing and guest speaking but this year I declined all invitations so that I could dedicate my time to self development. 
 Without calculation, I took the time to pamper myself through gardening, writing, meditation, and self love. The true test and personal journey was using my inner guide to keep me grounded, aware and secure about my choices and who I have become.  I have come to the conclusion that through all adversity, I love everything I stand for. There will always be outside distractions and people who use their own insecurities in attempt to hold you down. Fortunately,  when one values their well being priorities shift and peace becomes a state of mind no matter what environment you are in. 
With this new found wealth and confidence, I am attempting to put together my own book of modern day parables, poems and sketches. I will gladly share my truth through prose, poetry and artwork.  My truth may not be your truth but we all share human commonalities. I am writing this book to shed light and not sugarcoat the good, the bad, the hilarious and the ugly.  No matter how old we are, we will continue to find ourselves switching positions of teacher and student.
The success of my self published zines "Abstract By Nature" and getting some of my short stories published over the last few years have prompted me to write something even more fully developed
 I have learned that it is wise to throw away the life you have planned so your real life can show up. In order to truly understand this concept, we have to be open to change and wisdom.  Fear will vanish once we learn to accept ourselves for who we are and who we are not. 
*All donations, crafts and zine proceeds go to creating projects and events for high risk communities.

I'd love to hear your input. 

Zoe Blaq 
(aka Blaqvenus aka
R. Bartney )


  1. hi Zoe,
    Love this post! hope all is well!

    1. Hello E.Lo !! Thanks for reading. I miss you and the lady. i hope to see you sometime this year. stay blessed :) Zoe


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