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Spring Love Notes

Spring is always a self reflection of who I have become mostly because my birthday is in March. Urban gardening is not just a hobby it's a lifestyle that gives me hope, faith and abundance in a world of uncertainty. A seed is potential. Compost is rebirth. The sun and moon connects us all to growth and prosperity. I am a holistic health advocate who aims to help people reconnect with who they are instead of getting lost in illusion. I have gained tremendous insight from traveling. Food sharing and community has broadened my views on migration and the cultures and traditions that have maintained medicinal herbs and their use.
I will be venturing into this topic in the film DiSpell .
Sobek Films

Holistic Health: 
Gardening as mindfulness; tune into nature:  The more you grow, the more you will invite butterflies, ladybugs, praying mantis, lizards, hummingbirds and bees. Gardening is inviting a beautiful atmosphere into your environment and having the pleasure to see how we all coexi…