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Loc Update and YouTube

Around six years ago I decided to loc my hair after a whirlwind of devastating events and I knew there was no turning back. I studied a bunch of loc torturials on YouTube and became even more inspired and empowered by the rich natural hair community. I decided to start my own channel archiving my own loc journey. Well, it was short lived because I can honestly say, I'm more of a writer and experimental artist -than a TV personality. Nonetheless, I want to thank all my viewers who are still with me today, I had my highest ratings when I was making loc videos years ago. My page is still alive! I still post from time to time. This is a time of challenge, determination and passion and I will attempt to conquer being in front of the camera. Feel free to check out my videos and add PiddleProVision on YouTube. If you comment I will add you.

With this new project,  I'm going to be using my YouTube channel PiddleProVision to keep you informed on my travel adventures. I am exploring ne…

BlaqNomad Tales

Artwork By Zoe Blaq 

Greetings loved ones!
 I will be traveling extensively for research, study and creative growth to explore new and innovative ways to promote art as a healing medium. Traveling helps me connect with the world. It assists with my personal development of compassion and human understanding. Challenge your fears every chance you get!

My creative intent is to be an artist that creates new dialogue by motivating people to become closer to their higher self. My intent is to express our relatedness and not the distortion of fear and limitation which is the illusion of human separateness.  My intent is to create with my soul. My role as an artist is to let go of societies expectations by erasing boxes that keep us from growing.

I would like to serve as a vessel for thriving relationships and human connections. I intend to create from my heart space based on value and community. My work will remind humani…