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I'm Open Like a Parachute

Greetings loved ones,

They say a mind works better when it is open like a parachute. In my journey of self discovery it is evident everyday that human beings are more connectedthan we would like to think. On my internet sites I have people with different opinions which I value very much. However, it is truly interesting to sit back and observe this game of self gratification. There are those who make it their "responsibility" to harass, convert, and belittle people who go against the grain. Some of us never take into consideration that the "grain" will always be subjective and objective. Depending on your background we may never operate the same in two different cities, towns or countries. On the other hand,  chaos is a natural pattern and we can evolve from everything we are exposed to. Non conformity is the voice for the people who do not have one.

True inner peace is the freedom to let others experience their own reality.  The more limited your reality is, the mo…