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"ZINESHOW": Piddle Productions, USA

Hey folks!
I am in an exhibit called "Zineshow" in the Ukraine. Check out the site and all the other awesome
zinesters who are sharing their work. The exhibit will be live at the end of April. Right now it's online.  Zines are self published magazines without filters. Thank you for your support!

"ZINESHOW": Piddle Productions, USA:

Have a good Friday!

March Madness

It's my birthday month and I spent the day sunbathing and saying my affirmations. I am thankful for another year of life. No matter where my travels take me I always try to surround myself with a little piece of heaven. I wake up every morning to beautiful mountain views. There are over 200 different species of birds around my area. I enjoy natures orchestra. It keeps me grounded. My spirit is lifted. I went hiking with my closest friends and we were startled by a pack of coyotes who simply acknowledged us and kept going. It gave me a rush and made me appreciate my place in nature as well as all the other creatures.

Over the course of three months I have been seeing 10:10, 11:11, 4:44, 3:33 several times a day. Delightfully intriguing!  I've been finding inspiration everywhere.  It feels exciting. It's becoming easier for my thoughts to flow on paper. This is the year I will finish my manuscript.  My work involves using art as a healing medium through short s…