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My Book Celebration on December 7th

Hello my dearest friends and family. My Book celebration is going to be a joyous occasion with me reading a few poems, doing spoken word and a live performance by beautiful and talented vocalist !!

December 7th, 2013

Come out for dancing, mingling and art !!

Rock Rose Art Gallery and Performance Space
4108 N. Figueroa St.
Highland Park, CA 90065

$7 / $10 with book purchase

Hope to meet you there,
Zoe Blaq

My Book Celebration December 7th!!

Dear friends and family,

I would like to invite you to this joyous occasion. I'm having a book celebration !! I am one of the new curators at this space so come support your local healing art community.

I will be reading a couple of my poems and doing one spoken word piece. I will also have special guest, beautiful and talented Sariyah Idana performing live!!

Come for dancing, mingling and art !!

December 7th @ 7pm
Rock Rose Art Gallery and Performance Space
4108 N. Figueroa St., Highland Park CA 90065
$7 / $10 with book purchase

Hope to see you there,
Zoe Blaq

You don't need another new year to smell the roses

We can't change the world. We are the world that needs a change. Strive to keep your mind, body and spirit balanced. The more we practice being centered the better we can help our neighbors. Imagine a ripple effect of goodness covering the earth. 
Do not be an anticipant- someone who sits back anticipating for something good to happen. You have to participate in order to evolve.
A person who identifies with doubt can get lost in contentment. Doubt and excuses are worldly illusion made by the ego. 
Society is uncomfortable with emptiness, it sees it as a void. 
Society suspects that gaining as much as you can will bring value and happiness. 
Be simple. Take only what you need. Like quality friendships and wholesome foods.
Loss is the doorway to connection. Let go...
We don't need the new year for new beginnings. Transformation starts every morning when you have a chance to start  over.  Zoe Blaq