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Urban Soul Farmer hosts Goddess Tea Party

I am an artist and holistic health advocate. My love is using healing arts for community building. This is a workshop developed for self care and empowerment. We can not fully be a Goddess if we are constantly burned out and drained. We discussed the importance of sacred space, herbs specifically for womban health and tasted home made kombucha, hibiscus and dandelion root tea. We even had a fantastic time making mosaic pots for our own sacred space. All guests left with an Urban Soul Farmer gift bag.  Please contact me for the next Goddess Workshop coming up!

Zoe Blaq CEO of IStoryTells

I am floating, flying, sailing into darkness, uncertainty and faith. It's been an interesting year so far. I feel myself evolving while unraveling. With the death of my grandmother and my beloved friend just a few months apart, I feel the ancestors tugging at me like never before.
My production company is providing a service in order to fund our film production about the African Diaspora called DiSpell. I would like to thank all of you who have donated at our fundraisers. We continue to stay passionate about traveling along the Caribbean coast and archiving stories. The goal is to fly to Afro Caribbean Costa Rica and travel by land back to the United States maintaining and documenting stories of our ancestors. We are the historians that must keep our own stories alive. It is important to instill strength, courage and holistic health practices in our POC communities. I am a holistic health advocate and I want to remind you of who you are. As storytellers and multimedia …