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The End of the World

So far, this year has brought many moments of clarity. Sometimes we are so impatient with ourselves and the world, that we don't see our personal growth which changes every minute. We are not the same person we were two minutes ago, literally. It often seems we are stuck in the same position. Prayer, contemplation and visualization... do it daily. 
 The Kingdom is a personal condition and can be experienced right now. The Kingdom is achieved through self-knowledge. We are free when we are not controlled by fears and desires. Don't get distracted. Stop hiding from yourself. Too many people live in doubt instead of faith. Too many people live in fear instead of love.  Practice being disciplined. The only thing permanent is the spiritual world. Union with God is not conditioned by circumstance or religious preference. We all have direct contact with God. The universe is a living presence even if you are skeptical about deities. 
Love is a powerful force and in any given circumstanc…