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After. Thoughts.

Life has a way of teaching us things with or without consent. The best thing I heard in a long time was that beliefs do not tell us who you are behavior does. I am not here to defend myself in anyway. Sometimes I sit back and find it entertaining how people have this set notion of who they think you are. They have built so many assumptions, preconceived ideas and judgments in their heads. The biggest suggestion I have in getting to know someone is to drop all judgements and assumptions. Then and only then will you get to know someone. If you don't,  you will constantly be frustrated and wondering why they don't fit into your own selfish agenda. Embrace someone that is different from you. Accept it. We do not have to immediately attempt to repress, control and discipline others based on our own fear and ego. Entertaining.


Please follow this link for inspiration, art, culture, environmentalism and a lot more!! Spring is a time for rebirth and renewal. There is nothing permanent but change. Stay positive!!


I am nature sitting in silence,
sun kissed goodness reaching out and vibrating in.
With ingredient of inspiration
 sprinkling down on me like spring rain.
Embracing all that is around me.
 I feel my emotions and my pain.
Honoring my intuition, I sit patiently.
 Nothing is in vein.
 Taking it in like deep breathes of autumn wind.
Pollinating my future like honeybees
 on metropolitan perennials.  

 I am healing; body, mind and spirit.
Grounded in rich damp soil
like the skin tone of my ancestors
 traveling the trail of tears on a mid summer night.
I am changing like the seasons,
 expressing my feelings with reason.
Mustering altruism-
 because with compassion comes pain.
 Expanding my consciousness
 like tree branches imperfectly twisting
 and turning triumphed towards the light.
 I am nature sitting in silence.

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