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My Currency is Abundance

I would like to thank everyone who has supported my chapbook Rage Love Complexity. I am truly blessed with the continuos sales. The purpose of my writing reflects how to ride life's thrashing waves of emotion. The darkness in the world comes from unresolved situations in our psyche. Guilt and shame is secrecy, silence and lies. Shame cannot survive empathy. 
My purpose is to empower myself so I can help others reach their highest potential. I am touched when I perform my poetry and after the performance people are deeply moved. We may not all come from the same experiences but we can relate to pain and suffering which is a human condition. Share your story with people who have the right to hear it. Those who are ready to heal will hear it. My abundance comes from helping others live a prosperous life while gracefully facing adversity.  Here is a review of my chapbook:
Stay Love, Zoe B…