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Coexist  like the birds and the bees, like the seeds that grow flowers and trees. When the wind blows, they don't care about where they land or who they be and who is standing next to me. 
Coexist. You see, people choose to make things complex because simple costs EVERYTHING that you have. Are you willing to lose ALL to be simple? 
when we recognize the common source of our humanity, like feeling happy, sad or even in fear we are able to see that we are joined together in the great miracle of existence. There is no possibility of global suicide if we are all linked together as one in naturalness and spontaneity.
 How can there possibly be war if we are all celebrating as one?  Friendliness does not necessarily mean relationship, but there is always a relatedness. Relatedness is out of love.  We all can relate without hate. keep it simple.  
Every mind lives in its own world. Every minute in the mind has the possibility of being total. Totality is not thinking, brooding, calculating, c…

The Many Faces of Zoe Blaq

The final Day

So it's over. My 5 day fast was a success. I feel full of energy and cleansed mentally and physically. My dreams were metaphorical. I discharged waste from mind, body, soul, spirit. It feels good to rise from the fog. My music is coming along wonderfully. I can't wait to release my CD in 2010. It's some spoken word, soulful house and electro hip hop. I have several influences that I hope will inspire all who listen to it. The universe is sending me love. I take it humbly and pass it on to you. Stay connected, I have so many delicious treats coming your way!

4th Day of Fast

I had a dream I took a pregnancy test for someone other than myself. When I took the test, I started hemorrhaging like crazy, chunks of blood all over. I was driving with a friend. I needed to get to a bathroom. we stopped at this public gas station  bathroom, the kind you run into on long distant road trips. There was a line of people waiting. I was hemorrhaging hard by this time, chunks of blood all over my clothes. My friend got inpatient and wanted to leave. I told her I wanted to stay, I needed the bathroom. Then I dreamt I was in this fancy blue and gold bathroom taking a shower. I was talking to my friend out of the country. I had a water proof cellphone device on speaker phone in the shower with me. She told me of how she slipped and fell and bumped her head the other night and laid unconscious for a hour before someone found her. All of a sudden a brownish, yellow thick substance pours out of my mouth and my throat and I rip it from my tongue.  It kept coming out, pouring out…

I Fast in Silence

I've decided to fast for two weeks to become aware of the material word, desire, and to understand and experience suffering. This all came to me in a spiritual dream. I've never been on a fast before and really had no clue of what it detailed. After completing two intense days of the  lemonade detox (water, lemons, cayenne pepper, maple syrup)  I soon realized I am on medication and needed something heavier in my stomach in order for me to take my meds.  On the third day I made a smoothie with just organic fruits, flax, and combined it with the lemonade detox recipe for breakfast and lunch. For dinner I will continue with the lemonade detox. I guess you can say I'm on a raw food fast. We must remember that fasting is not a diet plan or self punishment. Jesus fasted for 40 days. Fasting is between you and God. 
In doing research just last night I stumbled across some of Gandhi's quotes: 

-Fasting is for self-purification.
-A complete fast is a complete and literal denial o…