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4th Day of Fast

I had a dream I took a pregnancy test for someone other than myself. When I took the test, I started hemorrhaging like crazy, chunks of blood all over. I was driving with a friend. I needed to get to a bathroom. we stopped at this public gas station  bathroom, the kind you run into on long distant road trips. There was a line of people waiting. I was hemorrhaging hard by this time, chunks of blood all over my clothes. My friend got inpatient and wanted to leave. I told her I wanted to stay, I needed the bathroom.
 Then I dreamt I was in this fancy blue and gold bathroom taking a shower. I was talking to my friend out of the country. I had a water proof cellphone device on speaker phone in the shower with me. She told me of how she slipped and fell and bumped her head the other night and laid unconscious for a hour before someone found her. All of a sudden a brownish, yellow thick substance pours out of my mouth and my throat and I rip it from my tongue.  It kept coming out, pouring out slow like brown glue. It's hard and clotty in some areas like glue gets right before it gets hard. My aunt knocked on the bathroom door because the kids need to use the bathroom. I ignored her at first as I continued to scrape this sticky goo from my mouth and tongue and the back of my throat. I saw it slowly go down the drain. I finally let her and and the kids in. They do not acknowledge me as the  goo keeps flowing out of my. They use the bathroom and totally ignore what is going on with me. They leave.  My mother sticks her head in the door and tells me to hurry up.  She is totally oblivious to what is going on with me.  I tell her I am sick. I lay on the floor in the middle of the bathroom in fetal position.  All I hear is running water. The shower is still on. 


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Has anyone ever told you that they used to be "in the world" but all of a sudden out of some circumstance or situation have decided they are too God-like to participate? Well, reality is that we must all live in this world. Call it spirit, God, Jesus, Buddha, consciousness, the universe or nothing at all - it was all created for you, in you. Life and the world we live in is beautiful. Look at all the wonders of nature. The difference is knowing what you are here to do. We can feed our fears with fear or we can conquer our fears by turning inside ourselves for real answers. People confuse superficial actions with the real thing constantly, and so they will forever remain zombies. I believe in God, I believe in science, I believe in evolution. I am open to everything and attached to nothing. This is the mystery of life and I humble myself to the all and everything.

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#urbansoulfarmer grew out of a need to learn my culture and tradition through the migration of medicinal plants and spices. Urban Soul Farmer is also a platform that synthesizes wellness, art and nature. The aim is to sow seeds of wisdom about our past, present and future. Study, research, certifications, observation, workshops, community, interviews, and travel are all part of my process to create an experimental multimedia narrative about my ancestors.

I am continuing as Blaqnomadtales to archive stories of healers, counselors, and underground artists of the African Diaspora. Our stories need to be told by us and preserved by us. The time is now. Stay tuned 2017

I would like to thank Rock Rose a Gallery for donating a garden plot to urban soul farmer. I will be hosting classes every two weeks for demonstrations, hands on projects and community building. As part of  an "art and nature" series, I have been chosen to organize and develop urban gardening workshops including a…

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I am floating, flying, sailing into darkness, uncertainty and faith. It's been an interesting year so far. I feel myself evolving while unraveling. With the death of my grandmother and my beloved friend just a few months apart, I feel the ancestors tugging at me like never before.
My production company is providing a service in order to fund our film production about the African Diaspora called DiSpell. I would like to thank all of you who have donated at our fundraisers. We continue to stay passionate about traveling along the Caribbean coast and archiving stories. The goal is to fly to Afro Caribbean Costa Rica and travel by land back to the United States maintaining and documenting stories of our ancestors. We are the historians that must keep our own stories alive. It is important to instill strength, courage and holistic health practices in our POC communities. I am a holistic health advocate and I want to remind you of who you are. As storytellers and multimedia …