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Tamarat Makonnen: L.A. based filmmaker making his mark with "Dreams and Shadows."

Filmwalker Productions was created by director/producer Tamarat Makonnen. His cutting edge style and substance sets him apart from the rest. Tamarat has composed a notable body of work that is cinematic, stylized, and visually striking. His projects have aired on MTV, BET, and Muchmusic (Canada), as well as in several news and music publications. Tamarat has directed music videos and EPKs (electronic press kit) for clients such as: Columbia Records, Warlock Records, Loud Records/Steve Rifkind Company, Delicious Vinyl, Island Records, Serchlite Music, and EMI Records. He is a passionate filmmaker whose hard work and dedication has truly paid off. There are only certain stars that shine bright and Tamarat is definitely one of those artists that stand out.

*Tell me a little about yourself personally and creatively /personally. Tamarat: Well where do I start...I'm a film director. That's my passion as well as my occupation.

*What first got you interested in film? Tamar…