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I'm happy to share that several unexpected events have been presenting themselves this summer. The latest news is that my zine "Abstract By Nature" has been selected to be in the ANARCHIST LIBRARY in Serbia. I knew little about this country and was intrigued when they contacted me.  This is what I learned about Serbia.. Serbia became a stand-alone sovereign republic in summer 2006 after Montenegro voted in a referendum for independence from the Union of Serbia and Montenegro. Zoran Djindic became the president and was involved with an anarchist group when he was young. Trivo Indjic, another former anarchist, became Serbian ambassador to Spain. The first Serbian socialist, Zivojin Zujovic (1838-1870), was a follower of Proudhon. Zujovic influenced the first Serbian socialist theoretician Svetozar Marković (1846-1875), a central figure of the early Serbian revolutionary movement. Marković was not an anarchist, but was significantly influenced by anarchism, and his ideas cont…


On 10/10/10 I got together on the campus of Long Beach City College with my organization "Young Poet Society." It was an impromptu taping of poets, singers and community leaders sharing their thoughts, ideas and feelings about youth, community and the hopes for one day on earth. Recently I was contacted by the producer who had expressed interest in having this footage in his feature film documentary. I am honored! Please spread the word and donate if you can.
Sincerely, ~Zoe Blaq