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My Next Big Project

I'm so excited about this year because so many good things seem to be happening to me. I've made the right decisions (on my own) and ended up with the best thing that could have happened to me, Indigo Lounge. It all started with an idea, Carolyn and I planted a seed and it has flourished tremendously. I am so thankful for all of the on going support we continue to receive. I've really been able to reflect on who I feel my true friends are and what it means to be a true friend. I really do believe that people enter your life for different reasons and I am grateful that I am connecting with true souls who understand me as much as I understand them. I will never forget my experiences working in the "hollywood" entertainment world and I can not deny learning a lot from being part of that environment. However, I can honestly say, I am content with being an independent artist. My family and friends wonder why I didn't strive to become this big hollywood writer b…


Indigo Lounge is a movement that consists of learners, musicians, activists, creative thinkers, educators,  entrepreneurs, and advocates. Rashonda "Zoe" Bartney from Piddle Productions and host Carolyn Wysinger created a platform for people from all walks of life, to come together and just "BE" in a supportive environment. Warning: this is not meant to be "Love Jones" or part of that pretentious hollywood scene. You will only find down to earth people true to the L.A. artist movement. Come vibe with us as we bring the most talented people together on one stage!

June 21st will be an extraordinary show with L.A.'s funk band MIDSTONES ARKESTRA!

Tera "Nova Jade" Greene (Chameleon Adaptions) is a multi-faceted artist whose talents traverse number of genres and disciplines, yet her artistry has crossover appeal. Based out of Los Angeles, her time is spent reinventing herself through independent film, the spoken word, performance art, fashion and pr…


Indigo Lounge is Soul Funk and Poetry. Come vibe with us as we bring the best poets, musicians and activists together on one stage. Special guest poets Damnyo, Nova Jade, and Urban Voodoo backed by jazz band "Midtone Arkestra" will set the stage on FYAH! OPEN MIC. No Cover. Drink specials, food available. Early arrival is a must.

366 E. 2ND ST.
L.A. 90012

The Face behind Piddle Productions

Rashonda "Zoe" Bartney was born in Los Angeles and raised in Munich, Germany. As a child she toured the world with her musician parents. Later in life she returned to the U.S. were she earned a degree in multimedia and a masters degree in clinical psychology.

Ms. Bartney worked in the film industry and was a freelance writer for a prestigious Hollywood magazine (where she wrote film and music reviews), before forming her own Production company. She also continues to be a mental health therapist in the inner city.

Zoe created Piddle Productions to bring about culture and gender awareness through eclectic events, film and music. She believes in using media to manipulate common stereotypes that come with identity. She continues to produce cutting edge entertainment in the L.A. underground art world.


May 24th was the BIG MEMORIAL WEEKEND JAM at the Indigo Lounge. The night was FYAH! Shot out to The Emily Cohn Quartet who jammed hard all night long. What a magnificent band who will definitely be performing with us again. Mike The Poet ripped the stage first and the crowd went wild as he represented the Westcoast. Evy Trezvant and George Mcdonald's sensual, poetic duet had the audience swooning in delight. The other poets were just as amazing! But I can't tell you everything because you should've been

The next show is June 21st and it's going to be extraordinary! It just keeps getting better. This time we bring back OPEN MIC so get prepared to rock it. Stay tuned, we will be announcing the band shortly. The featured poets are going to blow your mind. But I can't tell you everything so, STAY CONNECTED!

We are doing a special show in Oakland in August . FEMALE BANDS AND POETS WANTED! Hit us up if you are a poet or band in the Bay area and you want …