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My Next Big Project

I'm so excited about this year because so many good things seem to be happening to me. I've made the right decisions (on my own) and ended up with the best thing that could have happened to me, Indigo Lounge. It all started with an idea, Carolyn and I planted a seed and it has flourished tremendously. I am so thankful for all of the on going support we continue to receive. I've really been able to reflect on who I feel my true friends are and what it means to be a true friend. I really do believe that people enter your life for different reasons and I am grateful that I am connecting with true souls who understand me as much as I understand them. I will never forget my experiences working in the "hollywood" entertainment world and I can not deny learning a lot from being part of that environment. However, I can honestly say, I am content with being an independent artist. My family and friends wonder why I didn't strive to become this big hollywood writer because I was more than half way there. My family and friends often are puzzled that I didn't just stay a "shrink" for the rest of my life. Personally, I have always wanted to use my talents and education in an alternative way. It's not just about winning an Oscar or Grammy. I don't want to be that person absorbing people's dysfunctional energy just to get "paid." it's about challenging minds, exploring ideas, and building awareness. I am a humanitarian. I am a psychotherapist. I am an Artist. Some people get me, some people try to get me and some people will never get it and I am okay with that. I have been challenged by my own fears, which keeps me pushing forward. Speaking of music, I have a song on a soundtrack of a film called "Queerer Than Thou." It's been in 12 film festivals internationally and I am so blessed to be part of this comical, thought provoking film. And although my family doesn't always support me the way I want them to, I still feel a sense of contentment. I have a short film coming out called " Abstract By Nature" and I've been working on the soundtrack. I've dabbled in music, but I have never seriously completed a full-length CD. I am happy, excited and thrilled to share it with everyone who dares to listen. I call it my spicy-happy-treat. Stay tuned! I leave you with my rockstar pic because I feel a bit "rockstar" today. lol.


  1. Love that pic ! Also, glad everything is coming together :D

    "Queerer Than Thou" sounds DJ Nova Jade apart of it ?



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