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Dancing in the rain...

The Dalai Lama tells us to stop expecting life to be easy. Life is full of suffering and is ultimately unsatisfying; The only way to be happy is to train your mind to want less and to train your mind to penetrate the ultimate reality. I am rolling into the year with new hope and ideas. I have been invited to be one of the inspirational speakers at the L.A. Union Workers, "Womens Month Program." I am excited and nervous, but it feels good to be part of a great cause. My dreams have been vivid and seem to be telling me stories of my past. I've been writing like maddd. I feel the birth of a new poem! I've also been invited on a poetry performance tour at the end of the year. I'll have to string you along before I tell you my biggest project of the year. So stay connected. Indubitably, Indigo Lounge is going to be delightful on February 7th. The line up is SSicK! Join us for love and Black History Month. Get in contact with me if you would like to perform. We do t…

Existentially Speaking...

The existential belief is that human beings are alone in the world. This feeling of aloneness leads to feelings of meaninglessness which can be overcome only by creating one's own values and meanings. Existential psychotherapy suggests that in making our own choices we assume full responsibility for the results and blame no one but ourselves if the result is less than what was desired. We must explore and discover the cause of our emotions of aloneness and meaninglessness, to find new and better ways to manage these anxieties, in order to make new and healthy choices. Lets be free.

My Winter Wonderland

For my holidays I went to Anadarko, Oklahoma also known as the Native American capital of the world. It was nice reconnecting with family in all its dysfunction and unconditional love. I survived a blizzard on Christmas eve which made me respect mother nature in all forms. I was blessed to have a white Christmas after several years. Becoming one with nature, I came back even more inspired to push on in creativity.

Indigo Lounge is February 7th and will be on going every first Sunday of the month. Join us as we celebrate the month of love and black history with live music, featured poets and open mic. This will be an evening to remember. I invite you to embrace compassion and love as an individual and in a community that believes in the power of poetry and music.

Sunday, February 7th, 2010
2nd St. Jazz
366 E. 2nd St.
Los Angeles, CA 90012
$5 at the door