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Black and Brown Visibility

I found myself traveling around Central America this summer and discovered a unique perspective of the Black and Indigenous.  Just a few years ago I spent some time in Louisiana researching my fathers side of the family and discovered that my Grandmother is creole French and I am Chikasaw on both my fathers side and mothers side in Oklahoma.
I have come to realize that our traditions are collective memories stored in our DNA. Africans left traces of ancient Ancestors wherever that slave ship landed. We are the beginning and the end.  Our global traditions and cultures have cross hatched, intermingled and woven the fabric that connects us to relatedness. It is important to share stories of healing, listening and quieting -past and present. Understanding how our history connects on a global level is the path towards freedom and empowerment.  I will document the importance of keeping our history and ancestors alive with art and ecology from North America to Central America.