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How To Feel Vibrant and Alert

Hello my loved ones! This is a painting I finished in the summer. It's vibrant and alert. It's a depiction of consistency and balance. Both definitions are valuable to any relationship including the one with your self. Your willingness to glide through the scary parts of life is the path towards perfection.  Society has found too many ways to repress, avoid, and numb out feelings. We are meant to grow in love and wisdom but with mental blockage it becomes a struggle. It's our responsibility to understand the root of our emotions. I know several people constantly walking around sad, bitter, angry and depressed. We can blame it on the television, the internet, or even our parents but at the end of the day you are in control of what you will put in your body, mind and spirit. No matter how old or how young, never lose sight of your passion. Connect with something that makes you feel free, makes you laugh, keeps you smiling and allows you to let go of time. Your passion will p…