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Women of Color Are Beautiful

I've been in the South for several months now and I must say I love the weather, living by the river road and how children and adults greet you in the streets. The simple things leave huge impressions in my heart. The only thing that is of great disappointment is that self hate is still very much imbedded in the psyche of Black people. This is the difference between living in conscience or conscious. Not a week goes by without someone commenting on the insecurities of our physical features.  I won't deny that racism exists everywhere but when we are still judging our limitations based on how dark or light our skin color is or how "good" our hair is,  I get a little lump in my throat. I refuse to go back in time. As people of color , the past should make us stronger. However, we can't move on even after 400 years if we do not embrace self love. We can not let the past define us. We can not let other people dictate our strength or our beauty. We are not stuck in a …