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Greetings everyone. It is two months into the New Year and I have proudly managed to keep my resolution.  I’ve lunged into unfamiliar territory by moving out of my comfort zone and into an entire new experience. In this short time frame, while still processing my thoughts, I am learning so much about myself. I now identify when artists or authors have similar account of going to nature to find creativity. Change brings new vision. My writer’s block is gone. And although so many have attempted to figure me out, I have no time to judge them. I am on my own journey of understanding. We may not fully understand love and kindness until we build tolerance and compassion within ourselves. I am here for closure, mentally and spiritually. I am traveling through space and time to learn about my family history and to be of service to others. We must work on redefining ourselves every chance we get in order to expand our consciousness. Creating is my vessel and I will let it use me. What has kept…