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Evolution Revolution

Evolution doesn't mean we came from monkeys. We have similar DNA but actually only share 95% with apes. If you don't read a book or a take a class you will believe all Hollywood movies.
Evolution means working with nature so nature can give us health and abundance. Be revolutionary. Take your health back. Stop supporting companies that do not have your best interest. Evolution is a miraculous shift in consciousness. Start here: URBAN SOUL FARMER . Evolution is transformation that takes place in every person, place or thing. Nothing in life is permanent. Find purpose through understanding. From infant to old age the brain is constantly evolving with information. You are not your generational pathology. We are in a constant state of cultivating our body mind and spirit. Certain activity and nutrition can form good or bad consequences of your evolution. The cycle of life is a beautiful blooming flower with a universal pattern. First it must come undone, cracked open like a seed…

Zoe Blaq; Feature Poet at Art Opening

Hosted by Rock Rose Gallery and Rosamaria Marquez 
I am the featured poet for the opening reception of  Rose Portillo's exhibit called ROSAICS.
Come out to buy art, mingle and bites!
Live Jazz by Tracy Caldwell. 
Live video here:

The Power of Distortion

I often sit back and read the posts on my social sites to see what hot topic people are talking about next. It's interesting to hear different concepts and opinions on the same topic from people all over the map. Some comments are very ignorant and some very wise. Both useful. 
I try to post things that excite me and topics I feel need more dialogue. It doesn't necessary mean I am for it or against it. Nonetheless, by all means I will always stand for love and the unification of humanity. There is enough darkness in the world that separates us by fear. It is toxic to feed into doubt and the insecurities of others.  The more tools we have to look at reality the more ways to lead to understanding.  We only see reality based on what we have been exposed to. We only see a fraction of the reality in front of us. Sometimes our shared reality is the biggest delusion of all. When we stay in our safe bubble we limit ourselves in knowledge and wisdom.  Your reality has been created in your …