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Evolution Revolution

Evolution doesn't mean we came from monkeys. We have similar DNA but actually only share 95% with apes. If you don't read a book or a take a class you will believe all Hollywood movies.

Evolution means working with nature so nature can give us health and abundance. Be revolutionary. Take your health back. Stop supporting companies that do not have your best interest. Evolution is a miraculous shift in consciousness. Start here: URBAN SOUL FARMER . Evolution is transformation that takes place in every person, place or thing. Nothing in life is permanent. Find purpose through understanding. From infant to old age the brain is constantly evolving with information. You are not your generational pathology. We are in a constant state of cultivating our body mind and spirit. Certain activity and nutrition can form good or bad consequences of your evolution. The cycle of life is a beautiful blooming flower with a universal pattern. First it must come undone, cracked open like a seed. The universe is always in a cycle of life, death and rebirth. Everyone has a role and position like the Eco system. We are here to work together like symbiosis. There is no deed too big or too small. Learn to give and receive. Giving a smile to a stranger can change the entire dynamics of a hostile environment. We can find just as much spiritual transformation from a sunset as a holy book. The universe is infinite and will continue to evolve with the changing times. It is necessary. Being grounded is understanding the root of all things. Follow your heart because your destination has always been there. 


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I'm addicted to coping strategies!!

Has anyone ever told you that they used to be "in the world" but all of a sudden out of some circumstance or situation have decided they are too God-like to participate? Well, reality is that we must all live in this world. Call it spirit, God, Jesus, Buddha, consciousness, the universe or nothing at all - it was all created for you, in you. Life and the world we live in is beautiful. Look at all the wonders of nature. The difference is knowing what you are here to do. We can feed our fears with fear or we can conquer our fears by turning inside ourselves for real answers. People confuse superficial actions with the real thing constantly, and so they will forever remain zombies. I believe in God, I believe in science, I believe in evolution. I am open to everything and attached to nothing. This is the mystery of life and I humble myself to the all and everything.

Your DNA and your life journey was specifically chiseled out for you. Stop looking at the next persons imperfec…
This was an inspiring weekend for every type of writer who needs a little push. I had fun sharing my poetry with a talented group of Los Angeles poets at the annual LitFest Pasadena. 

Memorial Weekend at Val Verde, Ca

One of the best things happened to me! I was able to fullfill a bucket list dream which was to put on a community Music and Cultural Festival. Although there is room for improvement I can honestly say it was the best decision I have made this year. It takes support of family and friends to keep me motivated and pushing towards my goals and vision.
I am grateful. There will be more festivals curated by me in the on going years. The world is as good as you make it. Stay focused, stay positive and set your intention.

Please do yourself a favor and research the historic relevance of "Black Palm Springs" in the 1920's during Jim Crow.

This annual festival is not just about having a good time it's about historical awareness in underserved communities.

Come out next year for free camping, free swimming, yoga, live music and community!

Find us on Facebook: Val Verde Music and Cultural Festival