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Coexist  like the birds and the bees, like the seeds that grow flowers and trees. When the wind blows, they don't care about where they land or who they be and who is standing next to me. 

Coexist. You see, people choose to make things complex because simple costs EVERYTHING that you have. Are you willing to lose ALL to be simple? 

when we recognize the common source of our humanity, like feeling happy, sad or even in fear we are able to see that we are joined together in the great miracle of existence. There is no possibility of global suicide if we are all linked together as one in naturalness and spontaneity.

 How can there possibly be war if we are all celebrating as one?  Friendliness does not necessarily mean relationship, but there is always a relatedness. Relatedness is out of love.  We all can relate without hate. keep it simple.  

Every mind lives in its own world. Every minute in the mind has the possibility of being total. Totality is not thinking, brooding, calculating, cunning or clever. Fade those moments.  They keep us from experiencing the Godliness that lies within us. 

Break out of  the cage of conditioning and reach the truth of your own heart. It's not just about cutting the leaves and branches. Don't just prune your judgements, cut the root.  individuality is given by existence like the lion who moves alone.  but we have been conditioned to be sheep. 

Don't be sheep. Personality is imposed my society. Personality is a social convenience.   Only a simple heart throbs with God. Only a simple heart sings with God in harmony. An empty mind is original and revolutionary in action. Keep it simple. Coexist. 


  1. This....definately made me think which is why I will choose to watch my decisions that I make on a daily basis. Along with what and who is in my cypher. I have had so much negativity for years that it tainted my soul. How can one evolve with negativity? It just can't happen. I had to let someone go AGAIN b/c her consistent negativity and lack of self worth wasn't there and it never would be. I should have known better than to let her "back" in. I'll continue to wish her the best...but not in my cypher.


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