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BlaqNomad Tales

                                                             Artwork By Zoe Blaq 

Greetings loved ones!
 I will be traveling extensively for research, study and creative growth to explore new and innovative ways to promote art as a healing medium. Traveling helps me connect with the world. It assists with my personal development of compassion and human understanding. Challenge your fears every chance you get!

My creative intent is to be an artist that creates new dialogue by motivating people to become closer to their higher self. My intent is to express our relatedness and not the distortion of fear and limitation which is the illusion of human separateness.  My intent is to create with my soul. My role as an artist is to let go of societies expectations by erasing boxes that keep us from growing.

I would like to serve as a vessel for thriving relationships and human connections. I intend to create from my heart space based on value and community. My work will remind humanity of unity. I intend to be the hero of my own story in order to inspire people. This project will prompt my next book and short film.

Your donations will support any challenges that I may face while in the Jungle. Thanks in advanced!

It is not easy to just pick up and go to another country for an extended period of time. However, where there is a will there is a way. Make travel part of your daily affirmations. Be open to the way travel presents itself in your life.
I've lived in Europe before and often get the urge to travel for extended periods of time so I decided to get a TESOL certificate several years ago. My tip is to always be prepared. Invest in yourself. Get a passport. With a bachelors degree or higher (any subject) and a TESOL certificate you can teach English class to grades K-12 or teach business English at college level anywhere in the world. No experience needed! Look into it if you want to try at least one year abroad. I know several artists teaching while being adventurous in other parts of the world.

I will be traveling through Central America this summer to explore the organic sequence of life through community, wellness and holistic health. This is a narrative inspired by healing, quieting, reclaiming, and envisioning.  It will be an experimental journey through photography, writing and video.

Your life is a product of your awareness. Choose wisely and don't be afraid to move about the world like a child eager to learn.

I'll be in touch here:
IG: ZoeBlaq


Zoe Blaq


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