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How to Live With Purpose

With moving to a small city,  I have come to realize how dangerous it can be if we don't extend our boundaries of knowledge and education. With a limited perception of the world we only hurt ourselves and others. Now is the time to start thinking of unity on a more global scale. However, we can not push forward if we have pockets of communities subconsciously handcuffed to a box that is very much outdated and unjust. Hiding behind comfort zones and taboo topics is a sign of the past. A lot of times we think we have it all figured out with an expensive degree or within the confines of religion alone. We are slaves to an economic crisis and we don't even know it. People are being easily led based on their own perception of reality. And everyone has a different perception of reality based on our backgrounds. Our commonality must come from tolerance, empathy and compassion.  I have concluded that people often use these three words in the form of manipulation to justify their own selfish agendas. Not all intentions are good intentions. Our thoughts have been hijacked by popular demand. We have forgotten how to think for ourselves in order to better the whole. Society has become so superficial that our minds are afraid of rejection and scared of change. Some of our elders have digressed into junior high kids who parade around in ridiculous clothes and follow the cool crowd just to get a date.
We can not continue to hold on to old ideas.  Question what democracy is supposed to look like in the 21st century, no matter who is behind it. Black universities in 2012 are denying students admittance simply because of wearing their natural hair. Our younger generation must step up and realize this cookie cutter mold of internalized self hate is unacceptable.  I will always stand in the echoes of my ancestors who had body modifications, piercings, tattoos and wore natural hairstyles. On the other hand, we have never stopped being slaves to the system so it serves those right who can't break out of the cookie cutter ideas of what success looks like.  Wake up. Focus on being independent, free from depending on chasing a hand out and a job that can crumble at any given moment.  The shift is more spiritual than political.  Pray, travel, and document your life while being an advocate for peace and love. Live simple and take care of your health. If you are more in love with the idea of what money can do for you in this day and age, you are hiding behind your ego. Know thyself. I will always believe that the true historians and peace-keepers of the world are artists and radicals who get to the root of the issue with creativity and wisdom. There is a lot that can be established if we learn to live in this world of a higher frequency. You owe it to yourself and the universe to live a purpose filled life.


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Has anyone ever told you that they used to be "in the world" but all of a sudden out of some circumstance or situation have decided they are too God-like to participate? Well, reality is that we must all live in this world. Call it spirit, God, Jesus, Buddha, consciousness, the universe or nothing at all - it was all created for you, in you. Life and the world we live in is beautiful. Look at all the wonders of nature. The difference is knowing what you are here to do. We can feed our fears with fear or we can conquer our fears by turning inside ourselves for real answers. People confuse superficial actions with the real thing constantly, and so they will forever remain zombies. I believe in God, I believe in science, I believe in evolution. I am open to everything and attached to nothing. This is the mystery of life and I humble myself to the all and everything.

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Please do yourself a favor and research the historic relevance of "Black Palm Springs" in the 1920's during Jim Crow.

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