Friday, November 6, 2015

How to Love God

Self love is God. Forgive yourself for not being perfect. Forgive others for not being perfect. When we can love ourselves despite our imperfections we can have compassion and empathy for others. Perfection is in the constant fine tuning of self. It is not a place or destination. Your reflection is filled with creative potential. Be free to be yourself. Self love is God.

Zoe Blaq

Monday, October 26, 2015

The Hunters Full Moon

I am grateful for waking up and allowing myself to feel all emotions dark and light. Thanks for continuously supporting my healing through travel, visual art and holistic gardening. After a near death experience, I will never look at my life the same again. I am thankful that others are being inspired by my work. We are all individuals with original and unique talents. Be authentic without comparing and copying someone's ideas. Be still. The best ideas come with clarity in silence. 

Lots of good stuff in progress and I'm excited! Having faith in the process is challenging, no doubt. May you continuously feel curious about my loud silence. It's the hunters full moon and eye see you. 


Sunday, August 23, 2015

Black and Brown Visibility

I found myself traveling around Central America this summer and discovered a unique perspective of the Black and Indigenous.  Just a few years ago I spent some time in Louisiana researching my fathers side of the family and discovered that my Grandmother is creole French and I am Chikasaw on both my fathers side and mothers side in Oklahoma.
I have come to realize that our traditions are collective memories stored in our DNA. Africans left traces of ancient Ancestors wherever that slave ship landed. We are the beginning and the end.  Our global traditions and cultures have cross hatched, intermingled and woven the fabric that connects us to relatedness. It is important to share stories of healing, listening and quieting -past and present. Understanding how our history connects on a global level is the path towards freedom and empowerment.  I will document the importance of keeping our history and ancestors alive with art and ecology from North America to Central America.
I will be developing a series of experimental art exhibits in Los Angeles to help raise funds for my safe travels by land to explore Black and indigenous communities. I'll be showing some of the footage and there will be crab races! It is imperative that Black and Indigenous people are unified in heart, soul and mind. We are the original spiritualists.

Donate here:

I'll keep you posted.

Zoe Blaq

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

I'm in the Rain Forest

Donation Perks:
$5000- Executive Producer 
$1000- Special thanks in credits / DVD copy / Los Angeles VIP Party
$500- Signed Photography book/ Los Angeles VIP party
$100 -  2 tickets to premiere / Los Angeles VIP Party 
$25- Los Angeles VIP Party 

Greetings! I am a Los Angeles writer and cultural documenter of the healing arts. In a quest to understand my family history in Louisiana and Oklahoma, I became fascinated with the richness of creole and indigenous culture and traditions. As a world traveler I have decided to explore a narrative of quieting, listening and healing through an adventurous trip along the Caribbean Sea to study and experience creole and indigenous culture in Central America. Archiving gives us a point of reference and I feel it is important to tell the stories of our people through film and photography. 

I am in Costa Rica at this time and would love for you to join my journey by supporting this project I desire to share with the world.  With your help I will be able to finish production and post production. 

YouTube: PiddleProVision 

Thanks again,
Rashonda "Zoe Blaq" Bartney  

Friday, May 22, 2015

Loc Update and YouTube

Around six years ago I decided to loc my hair after a whirlwind of devastating events and I knew there was no turning back. I studied a bunch of loc torturials on YouTube and became even more inspired and empowered by the rich natural hair community. I decided to start my own channel archiving my own loc journey. Well, it was short lived because I can honestly say, I'm more of a writer and experimental artist -than a TV personality. Nonetheless, I want to thank all my viewers who are still with me today, I had my highest ratings when I was making loc videos years ago. My page is still alive! I still post from time to time. This is a time of challenge, determination and passion and I will attempt to conquer being in front of the camera. Feel free to check out my videos and add PiddleProVision on YouTube. If you comment I will add you.

With this new project,  I'm going to be using my YouTube channel PiddleProVision to keep you informed on my travel adventures. I am exploring new ways to use art as a healing medium in under served communities. It is a narrative of quieting, listening, healing and metamorphosis. I'd like you to take this journey with me.

Here is an update of how my locs look today.

Stay Curious,
Zoe Blaq