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Indigo Lounge is Bringing the Heat on July 26th!

The Emily Cohn Jazz Quartet other wise known as EmCo is comprised of current Cal State Northridge Music Majors as well as recent CSUN graduates. Alex Smith, the drummer is a busy LA musician playing rock, church, jazz, classical, musicals, world and more. Shawn Williams, trumpet is a recent graduate of CSUN, this will be his last show with us because next month he is leaving California to attend graduate school at the prestigous Eastman School of music in Rochester New York. Shawn's influences include Freddie Hubbard, Clifford Borwn, Blue Mitchell, Miles Davis, Lee Morgan, Chet Baker and more. Emily Cohn is a senior at CSUN where she has spent her first two years studying jazz piano with Matt Harris and currently studying privatley with the amazing LA piano player/composer/band leader/ co founder of the LA Jazz Collective Gary Fukushima. Emily is largely influenced by the music of Charles Mingus and Thelonious Monk and is in love with the playing of Keith Jarrett, Oscar Petterson, just to name some as well as current players such as Otmaro Ruiz, Michel Camillo, and Oscar Hernandez. Dylan Durbrow is a junior at CSUN where he plays upright and electric bass and studies with the estemed co head of the jazz department Gary Pratt. Dylan plays a mean electric bass in rock bands as well as being an excellent upright player. Emily is very blessed to have such great friends who happen to be musicians to play with. On Sunday July 26th at the Indigo Lounge EmCo will be playing some Michael Jackson tunes,and some Emily Cohn originals as well as arrangements of some of our loved standards... or not so standards. EmCo will also be improvising behind the poets. The vibe of the whole thing is guaranteed to make you feel some warm tingles, so come out stay a while, hear EmCo, cheer for the poets, and enjoy your self.

The writer and performer London Bridgez pushes the expectations of spoken word.  "London" is her name. "Bridgez" represents what she does. She builds creative bridges between spoken word and music.  Her stage performance creates a new wave of entertainment that can be expressed in multiple formats,  she crosses over into many genres and can be appreciated  in a variety  of venue occasions.

She has been on the radio airwaves in Boston,New Hampshire, Chicago,  Nashville & Canada. She performed on CCTV in Cambridge MA commemorating World Aids Day 2008.  She continues to grace the stages of concerts, music festivals, open mics,clubs, theaters,  industry showcases, colleges & universities and themed events in Boston, New York, Chicago and hopes to expand her sound  in the US and around the world  to other venues that are supportive of her experimental sound.

Black & Tan is a multi-cultural reading series, and their mission is to give life to the many ethnic voices of Los Angeles through promotion of the artists’ work and their words via internet, radio, video, book stores, coffe shops art galleries, performance galleries, jazz houses, word of mouth, education, the human spirit, and grandmas back porch.

I am always striving to bring the best musicians, poets and activists to the for ground. July 26th we are uniting the Eastcoast and the Westcoast with one spectacular show! Tune into The Corner Poetry Hour on blog talk radio Monday, July 20th @ 7p.  as Soulaquarian and I talk about the inspiration that lies behind our mission as the creators of Indigo Lounge. There will be surprise guests! I'll also be reciting my first piece which is a song featured on my CD "Abstract By Nature."  I hope to see you there! 

For more info on these artists:

Sunday, July 26th@9p

Indigo Lounge

2nd. St. Jazz

366 E. 2nd St.

L.A., CA 90012


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