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Born in Chicago and raised in San Francisco Bay Area, Rob Morrow moved to Los Angeles in 1999 to help raise his daughter. His poetry has been influence by past and present poets and old school hip hop artists such as Langston Hughes, Public Enemy, Amiri Baraka, Sonia Sanchez, KRS One, X Clan, Saul Williams, and even Dr Seuss to name a few. Currently he is on the verge of writing his first novel and poetry book. 

Patsy Moore is an award-winning, critically-acclaimed singer/songwriter, as well as a poet, and speaker. Moore signed with Warner Brothers Records, where she released *Regarding the Human Condition* (1991) and the *flower child's guide to love and fashion* (1993).

Although numerous performers have covered Moore's tunes since 1989, among the most notable is jazz world favorite Dianne Reeves—who, in 1999, recorded “I Remember” and “Goodbye”. That same year, Moore joined keyboardist Charles Mims (Patrice Rushen, Tracy Chapman) in writing, arranging and producing Kwanzaa for Young People (and Everyone Else!) (Charphelia Records)—a CD and educator resource guide garnering numerous commendations, including Teachers’ Choice, Parent Council, Parents’ Choice and Kids First awards. At the start of 2005, L.A.’s Walt Disney Concert Hall débuted 'Misa Justa', a symphonic jazz mass by Argentine-born composer Eduardo Gutiérrez del Barrio, performed by the Los Angeles Philharmonic, a large choir, and a small group of soloists. That ambitious work, widely described as "a celebration of womanhood”, features five sung poems written by Moore.

Fifteen years following her stint as a major label recording artist, she resurfaced with the independent release of The Most Private Confessions of Saint Clair: Studio Renderings (Papa Chuy). A series of setbacks, including Moore's ongoing battle with serious illness, resulted in the 11-song project taking nearly five years to complete.

The August show is around the corner and we continue to be blessed with sweet surprises! This month Indigo Lounge features award winning Patsy Moore, Rob Morrow, and The Emco Jazz Quartet. If you have a song to sing or a poem at hand, feel free to join the open mic! August 30th@ 2nd St. Jazz/ 366 E. 2nd St. /L.A., C.A. 90012. No Cover. 9p.

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