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Look Who's coming to Indigo Lounge!

October 18th is going to be a fabulous evening of live jazz and performance at Indigo Lounge. I thank all of you who connected with me and rsvp'd to perform at the open mic jam session. I can't wait for you to bless the stage! Here is just a sneak peek at some of our guests who rsvp'd...

Angela White is a multi-talented, multi-faceted poet. She sings, has arranged music, directed choral groups and is spiritually and socially motivating. The short list does not include her passion for photography, her willingness to assist and volunteer to benefit others, and her love for family. Angela's first book of poetry, Inspired & Wired, a mature composition of poetry and life contemplations, is proof that the intertwining of confidence and faith produces explosive, irrefutable results. The passion she displays for her work is contagious. Angela is currently working on her second book, Passionate Inspirations, from the heart of a poet, and continues to speak, sing, write, motivate and love. For more information, access


 Known to her fans simply as Jacnique (pronounced Zsa’nique), this San Francisco songstress embodies all the qualities of a natural superstar. She is an avid songwriter, pristine vocalist, and a runway renaissance woman. Her sultry soul music represents a harmonic groove in a world full of ambient noise and sound.  Before she knew it, she began making quite a name for herself on the Bay Area club scene performing alongside well know jazz guitarist, Tony DeWayne. Soon after, she was gracing stages and receiving critical acclaim from Hollywood, CA to Las Vegas, NV and in her home town of San Francisco, CA. In 2006 Jacnique started her own independent record label and publishing company, SirenFire Music Works and SirenFire Music Publishing. The dynamic diva has recently put the finishing touches on her debut CD entitled, “Trial By Fire." This CD is an eclectic blend of Sultry Soul, Smooth Jazz and Love Songs.  

Qizhong was the resident bassist of the NUS Jazz Band for several years, under the guidance of band leaders Rick Smith, Christy Smith, and Tan Chin Boo. He set up local jazz/funk band ‘The Lounge Lizards’ and have been actively gigging for the past few years, playing at venues such as the Esplanade Outdoor Theatre, the Esplanade Concourse, the Arts House, the Swiss Club, Singapore Expo, and the Asian Civilizations Museum. He is at home with various genres, including funk, jazz, fusion, blues and bossa. Qizhong is also classically trained in the piano and music theory, and plays the double bass with the NUS Wind Symphony. Q is also a student at USC where he is getting his PHD in Linguistics. 


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