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Sneaker Art!

Good day friends! I don't know what it is about this summer but I have been painting and drawing more than ever (my fingers hurt), occasionally performing at venues and taking time out to dance the night away at secret locations. I think my mood mostly stems from my process of digesting everything that is going on in my life. I spent several years and thousands of dollars studying and becoming a master at taking care of other peoples problems. Being an artist took a backseat although I have always managed to keep my passion for the arts in view. I am grateful to have such strong, passionate supporters in my corner. I have never needed a large army to make me feel confident. It only takes a small group of quality folks to keep me motivated. I've pretty much turned my passion into reality, even if the sacrifices were detrimental. Over the last three yeas I have been tested to my highest peek emotionally, mentally, and physically. At times even feeling overwhelmed and guilty for taking time out to take care of self. I have concluded a great deal about my friends, family and work ethic. I sometimes get caught up in being misunderstood or being naive which therefore leads me to disappointment in others.
I am working through understanding that people have their own journey to travel and it may not correlate with where you are or who you are at this point and time. I am now aware that this is part of "non-attachment" like in my Buddhist studies. Society has taken non-attachment out of context. People come in and out of our lives for different reasons. In order to unify we must understand the importance of humility. Send love and encouragement as individuals move in different directions. We were not all meant to go in the same direction or agree on the same things. However, I will never wish anyone ill-will ( like burning the Qu'ran). There are lessons to learn from people different from yourself. Fear of the unknown leads to ignorance and disrespect. If we all respected each other this earth would be much more balanced on all levels. This is an example of non-attachment. To me, attachments are attached to private agendas. There would be no need to attach to anything if we all looked out for humanity instead of just ourselves.
I continue to reinvent myself based on my experiences. I question those who have the same ideologies at 18 yrs old as they do at 35 yrs old. The only thing permanent is change. The significance in my existence is leading a simple, purpose filled life.
Living in Los Angeles, artists often get conditioned to think that we must have a certain mentality to reach the top, therefore, superficial-ness is the only thing that shines through a persons character. People are so quick to judge a book by its cover because they are afraid some of their own "shit" (insecurities, judgements, ego) will come up. What blocks people from tolerance and empathy is usually a battle between who you really are Vs. what society defines as "who you need to be." At times people take the easiest approach instead of really having the desire and mental capacity to understand a perspective different than their own.
I guess what I am trying to say is that we must live IT, we must be IT- in work and play. I am pro-humanity. Piddle Productions is my life and my art. The importance of my struggle is in bringing communities together to learn from one another. We must stop minimizing and blocking unity from humanity. One thing that will always stick in my head is when Obama said, " is time to take responsibility." I find that people tend to have a whole lot to say but they are not living IT. There is a quote that says, "When you blame others, you give up your power to change."

On another note, I am publishing my own zine called "The Blaqbook." The first edition will have my poetry, artwork, holistic DIY health tips, cheap date ideas, and my kooky comic strip called "The Kiwi & Koki Chronicles." Please stay tuned!

I will leave you with my latest art project. Art on canvas sneaks. Each pair are uniquely created by me. If you would like a pair please contact me. I will do a personalized color scheme but the art will always be one of a kind.

$20- If you send me your own blank canvas sneaks.
$35- If you want me to get them for you.
Both orders comes with "The Blaqbook"

All proceeds will go back into the Piddle Productions fund so I can continue to give you cutting edge, quality events and projects for the community.

Thanks for listening!


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