Thursday, November 1, 2012

I'm addicted to coping strategies!!

Has anyone ever told you that they used to be "in the world" but all of a sudden out of some circumstance or situation have decided they are too God-like to participate? Well, reality is that we must all live in this world. Call it spirit, God, Jesus, Buddha, consciousness, the universe or nothing at all - it was all created for you, in you. Life and the world we live in is beautiful. Look at all the wonders of nature. The difference is knowing what you are here to do. We can feed our fears with fear or we can conquer our fears by turning inside ourselves for real answers. People confuse superficial actions with the real thing constantly, and so they will forever remain zombies. I believe in God, I believe in science, I believe in evolution. I am open to everything and attached to nothing. This is the mystery of life and I humble myself to the all and everything.

Your DNA and your life journey was specifically chiseled out for you. Stop looking at the next persons imperfections. Telling others how "spiritual" "religious" or "well read" you are does not give you a pass. Trying to spit out as much information because you assume that the person next to you is not as "advanced" is nothing but a man made judgement.  When one is free justification and competition is meaningless. However, whether you realize it or not, all of us are learning about ourselves and how we relate to the world everyday.

When you choose to live in this world but of a higher frequency, you will start to realize the only thing that is evil in this world is when you allow yourself to be attached to worldly emotions and ideas.  Anxiety is the biggest man made illusion and it will control your life and destiny if you allow it. Anything that you are doing to the extreme is a coping strategy that you have some how used as an excuse just to get by. Some people are caught up in societies definition  of how 'normal' is supposed to feel and look. Some people are caught up in what success is supposed to look like by societal standards. If you are attached to fear, guilt, worry, and shame you are probably using worldly coping strategies to make you feel better. If you are an adult, constantly speeding through life while needing validation and reassurance for every deed that you do, you are probably still working out unresolved childhood issues.

 We must always remember, worldly emotions are made up illusions. No matter what background you come from, we can all get caught up in addictions because some of us refuse to turn within and feel the core of our pain. We need pain in order to understand joy. We'd rather hold on to the illusion that we have it all together, but really we are nothing but a cracked flower vase leaking all over the table and unto other places. What are you really projecting on to others?

A person that stays confined and thinks he has the world figured out is doing more harm to themselves and the people around them. Progression is change. The world is constantly changing. It is infinite. It is dangerous to attach yourself to one set of ideas or people that have everything figured out in a neat little box. One day we will wake up and come to the realization that our evolutionary journey has been customized by nature. There are some of us who are already aware that a "one size fits all" lifestyle does not exist. It is an illusion that we have created out of our own perception and reality. This is where expectations are born and addiction lurks. Extreme behavior is a coping strategy ( workaholic, constantly dieting, over eating, working out, over religious, hoarding, plastic surgery, shopping, drugs, alcohol, etc. ). Extreme behavior is compensating in one area to downplay a troubled area in your life.

All of us are God-like, no matter what environment we live in. Sin is in all of us. Nevertheless, we all have free will over our lives and if you want to be a better person then you must make better decisions. This is not the time to turn away from yourself and start using external influences to make you feel better. Stop looking for answers outside of yourself. It is time to pause, breathe and re-evaluate what you are doing, where you are going and why. Your true power is in a clear vision. The more clarity in your awareness they more you can help yourself and others. 

Change is here. There is a part of your existence that is attempting to tune into greatness. This is a time to stay humble and be open to all knowledge. New and old. When your mind, body and actions are alined, you will know your place. You will begin to hear and feel yourself tune into the world, just like an instrument in an orchestra.

Be free,
Zoe Blaq

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