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Harmony is Everything

Hello my beautiful people of the world!!

I've been thinking how dreams, positive thoughts and visualization synchronize when you are ready to receive what the universe has already given you. There are times we may feel alone and hopeless but it is all an illusion. Everything works on a symbiotic system. Our greatest teacher is nature.We learn to understand faith and patience when we work in harmony. We can not hold on to patterns of thought that keep us from co creating. One man  / woman can not help everyone. It is unrealistic to think that one person can do everything alone. We must help each other to survive. Life is about thriving relationships and making connections. I am humbled and thankful for all the people I allow in my immediate circle. Only surround yourself with family and friends who vibrate from the same frequency. Surround yourself with people that are motivating and inspiring. Better yet, disciplined. Be a vessel to help motivate and inspire others as well. Stay open to new thought patterns. We must be the change in the world. Typical programming limits creativity.
Don't get stuck on "this is who I am" or "this is how I was raised" because then you've already limited your full potential. Anyone or anything that keeps you from being your authentic self is a distraction. To increase your awareness and growth we must realize the power of action. The intent is to be happy and healthy.  We can't wait on the right time. The time is now. Start by loving yourself.

Stay tuned for more workshops and events at Rock Rose Gallery !!

Zoe Blaq


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